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As an Oklahoma Owned & Operated company, UNITED is a proud partner of the Made in Oklahoma Coalition supporting OK businesses.  We offer a wide variety of local foods & products made right here in our great state!  From beef to paper towels, Homeland is your source for the finest local products.

To celebrate Oklahoma and Oklahoma Businesses in the month of April, UNITED will be offering special discounts on MIO products, giveaways, contests and much more! Look for MIO items in your local ad, and watch for MIO specials in your local UNITED store!

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SchwabSchwab Meat Co.
The Schwab Meat Co. dream began in Sachsenhausen, West Germany with the company’s founder, George Peter Schwab (1866 – 1943). After landing at Ellis Island on July 20th, 1890 with several prized “old world” sausage recipes, Schwab set out to make his dream of bringing authentic  German sausages to the United States a reality. Around 1900, the Schwab’s relocated to Oklahoma City, and established the store location Schwab Meat Co. uses to this day at 1111 Linwood Blvd.

GriffinGriffin Food Company
Griffin Food Company was founded in 1908 by John T. Griffin. Today, Griffin Food Company is still owned and operated by the Griffin family, with John W. Griffin, grandson of the founder, as President. he continues in the tradition of his forefathers as a company dedicated to the quality of their products.


Ozarka Water Company was established in 1907. Known today as Eureka Water, we are Oklahoma’s largest bottled water company. We are the only water bottler in Oklahoma with an Oklahoma State certified laboratory. Our water is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation, the highest rating any bottler can achieve in terms of quality control.  Ozarka Drinking Water is a refreshing alternative to tap water. Drawn from a 603-foot artesian well on Eureka’s property, our water goes through a steam distillation process; we then add minerals to give it a bright, sunny taste.

ShawneeMillsShawnee Mills
Homesteading in the Oklahoma Land Run years, the J. Lloyd Ford family built their original log cabin in 1895. Preserved by his company, the landmark still stands today. The Mill he started in 1906 is a legacy to his insistence on quality products. He set the standards for Shawnee Mills, still operated by the third and fourth generations of Ford family millers. Despite significant growth over the years, the company has never lost track of its roots.


JandMJ-M Farms began operations in 1979. Under the J-M Fresh label, it is a grower and supplier of mushrooms to Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming. The company’s first mushrooms were sold to wholesalers in Springfield, Mo. With 600 workers, this sophisticated operation is one of the Biggest Employers in the Area.