Your Fresh Seafood Market

United's meat offerings continue with our seafood market; Oklahoma shoppers can choose from the immense variety of fresh seafood including salmon, catfish, and halibut. Enjoy a seafood feast and pick out one of our succulent live lobsters. Stop by your local United today and browse our selection of fine seafood from Oklahoma and around the world.

Seafood is a healthy alternative for your main course. Some of the varieties you'll find at your United Seafood counter might include...

CATFISH Mild-flavored, light-colored with a slight sweetness and a firm, slightly flaky texture. Usually farm-raised in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, or Mississippi. It is available fresh or frozen year-round, and is mostly sold in boneless fillets; but is sometimes available whole.

CRAB Crab is a true seafood delicacy that is available frozen year-round. King and Dungeness crab are sweet in flavor and tender in texture. Crabs are caught in the northern Pacific, northern Atlantic, and along the western US coast from Washington to California.

SALMON Salmon has a bold, mild flavor with a moist, firm texture. It is available year-round in several varieties including Atlantic, King, and Coho. Grilling is an excellent way to prepare salmon.

SHRIMP United offers cooked and raw shrimp. Shrimp has a mild, sweet flavor, and a firm texture and is available year-round. Shrimp can be purchased in the shell or "peeled and deveined." EZ Peel means that the shell has been cut making it easier for you to peel.

HALIBUT Fresh Halibut is abundant mid-March through September, but is available frozen year-round. Halibut is a mild, somewhat sweet fish that is flaky and firm in texture. Most Halibut comes from Alaska; and is usually sold in boneless fillets or steaks. Grilling is a great method for cooking Halibut.

LOBSTER Lobster has a firm texture, and is a mild, sweet-tasting delicacy. Most lobster comes from the northern Atlantic.

TILAPIA Tilapia is becoming one of the most popular seafood items. It is farm-raised, and available fresh or frozen year-round. It is very mild in flavor, the texture is flaky, and it is usually sold in boneless fillets.

TUNA A rich flavor, and a very firm texture make Tuna a favorite of many. Tuna is usually caught in warm, tropical waters and is sold mostly in boneless steaks. Ahi and Albacore are the most popular varieties.

You'll find these and many other seafood offerings participating United stores:

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